Monday, March 12, 2012

Mistah P/ artist statement

Also here is my artist statement:

Click. An image is captured for a lifetime with a singular motion of your extremity. What I see with my eyes is what I want to portray to those who view my work. The good things and the bad. The bus that caught on fire and our new puppy.
 Regret washes over me when a significant moment passes by and I haven’t caught it with a lens. Always wishing and wondering, is that what it actually looked like or is it just a dream mixed with a memory? Taking pictures makes things come to life helps us preserve those people, places, and things we hold most valuable. You can express an entire thought in a single image. Say things hard to say aloud, with a single image. Tell stories better than ever before, with a snapshot. Remember the colors of that waterfall or street market more vividly with a single photograph.
This is why I take pictures. For myself and for others. A major part of my life is travel and the ability to capture those unforgettable moments on a trip gives you the opportunity to relive that moment every time you look at the image. Living in New York I sometimes forget how colorful the world is, whenever I feel this I look at my photographs of all the people and places I’ve been, and I remember. Remembrance is an ability photography gives us and we must take full advantage of, because as time goes on our memories fade, but our photos do not.

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