Monday, April 30, 2012


I decided to choose a website created by a group of my friends from Massachusetts. The website is for the record label they started themselves called Rooftop Shout. What I think is cool about the website is that they created it themselves with little HTML knowledge. The website is definitely different then most you see browsing the web which is partly a reflection of the uniqueness of the music they are working with, and their beginning web design abilities. Something I really like about it is the lack of constraint on each page. Most websites you look at today are very organized into boxes and sort of takes away from the interactive aspects of the website, their website definitely isn't constrained and it makes it more interesting. Movement between the pages of the website is another aspect that was well done and fairly simple. When you go over one of the links to another page the text flips upside down and turns becomes white.

Things I think could be better: the text, some of it is really cool and funky but some of the text for the info could be better. I don't think the informative text on the opening page should be white, or if it needs some sort of darker background because the picture makes it harder to read. Also, I have a pretty small computer screen and the website is definitely designed with a big computer monitor in mind. I want to be able to see the pictures, but I can't because they go too far to the left.
Check it out


Sunday, April 29, 2012


I visited the Museum of Modern Art’s Cindy Sherman exhibit. It was one of the best exhibits I’ve seen in  a while and thoroughly enjoyed it. The exhibits set up was the result of meticulous aesthetic consideration, which furthered the viewing experience. Your initial sight when entering the exhibit is massive images of Cindy Sherman blown up on the walls outside the room in a variation of colorful costumes that grab your attention and made you know what to expect.
My favorite part of the exhibit was the room of the first black and white images she did in the 1970s. I thought her ability to change and alter herself before the age of digital photos was pretty amazing and made me appreciate the images more. Although I enjoyed her earlier black and white images, her newer images are still incredible and some were really haunting (still thinking about this one).
She uses close ups to capture a lot of things and show the detail on her large variety of her character’s faces. Her newer images are a little more dark and some almost grotesque which I found enticing, but also hard to view for long. Something else I noticed and enjoyed was the projection they had of Cindy Sherman’s name on the outside of the exhibit shifted between fonts every few seconds, this can also be seen online. Her ability to break the divide and be photographer, stylist, and model in the majority of her images is an excellent reflection of her skills as an all-around artist.
Before I went to the exhibit I literally knew nothing about her work and one of the aspects I enjoyed was the ability to take me through the various stages of her work up to her most recent stuff.  She has managed to do a lot over the course of her career and it is impressive to see and learn about it all at once.
Cool short she did in 1975 that was on display

(Where I got the image of the opening)