Tuesday, May 22, 2012


There's a lot I could mention while reflecting on this class, but I'll try and keep it fairly brief. I struggled in this class and felt behind some of the time which might have been, at least partially, due to my lack of ANY experience in using programs such as Photoshop and being new to HTML (which by the way still looks a lot like gibberish to me). 

I think that the class could almost do without the lecture portion and could be done entirely in labs. The lectures were interesting, but i think that this is the type of subject that is hard to be lectured on and you kind of have to figure out how things work for yourself. no offense, but watching someone do Photoshop on a projector without having any real knowledge of Photoshop is a hard way to actually learn it and seems like time that could be better used. At least that's true for me because nothing made sense until i sat in front of a computer for at least an hour.  I didn't completely understand why we didn't get more time with the camera exercises, sometimes it felt like we were just rushing through and i wasn't really thinking about how I'd be graded and I there was a lot I felt could be changed.  at the same time i also understand that the time limitations were to keep the class moving and made the assignments more challenging, but if there was maybe 2 labs instead of a really long lecture and lab then maybe we would have had the time to do better in class assignments. just expressing my overall thoughts while thinking back on the class...

OK well I didn't want to just talk about what could have been better because in the end I really did enjoy the class, especially the lab. And I really want to get Photoshop and continue to work with it because now that I have the basics I would love to continue and become more advanced. This course really challenged me in a lot of ways especially with the photoshop project and I enjoyed it because I was able to be artistic and work with colors, which isn't the case in any of my other classes... the HTML project on the other hand, working with colors was nice, but there was far too much grief and anxiety for me to ever have any interest in going at it again. I definitely feel that I put a lot of effort into all of my assignments and I hope that it has reflected in the quality of my work.

Anyways Makia thanks for being a great TA and helping me with my website and thanks to those who sat next to me and helped me out when I wasn't getting stuff!

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